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There are so many projectors in the market these days and it is very hard to figure out which one is the best for you. We will show you the top 5 4K UHD projectors this year 2020 based on portability, display quality, features and price so that you can easily decide which one to buy that suits you very well. We will be taking a look at projectors at any price range, so if you have less money and want a quality projector, we have an option for you. If you are interested in finding out which 4K projector is best for you, stay tuned!

Best Projectors For Home Theater 2020 – Quick Ranking

Best Projectors For Home Theater 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

1. LG HU70LA

Are you looking for a projector that has great features and beautiful picture quality? Lets talk about the LG Cinebeam HU70LA 4K UHD Projector. 

The size of this projector is very small, which everybody likes and it also has a very light weight. That’s a plus point! It measures 12.5×8×4 inch so it is very portable and can be easily carried. You can take it anywhere outside and enjoy a large screen with your friends and family. Its design is very clean and minimalistic. In the front there is only the projector lense.

There are ventilations on each side of the unit. At the back it has a power port, a sensor, optical port for audio, LAN port for internet, antenna or cable connection port, a 2.5mm port, two usb ports, a usb type C and two HDMI 2.0 ports with ARC support. On the top it has a power button, navigation arrows, zoom IN and OUT focus adjustments.

The projector can display 40 to 140 inch screen size and the picture looks amazing. Something that you will love is a zoom IN and OUT focus feature. You can easily adjust the screen size by simply zooming in and out with the slider on the top of the projector. 

That’s not a native 4K unit, it uses XPR technology to achieve 4K but trust me it has a really sharp and crisp image quality. Everything looks very detailed and colourful. Now the other great feature is 4 channel realistic technology which gives a colourful display without any problem. You can definitely enjoy everything on this projector no matter if it’s a movie, tv show or a game.

The projector uses a LED light source which is effective and is a very bright counting 1500 Lumens which makes it great under any light. Lg claims that this project can last apto 30,000 hour without losing its brightness. That means if you use this project 8 hours every day, then you will have to replace the bulb after 10 years, that’s a really very long time! 

When it comes to gaming this project has some awesome mods that i wasn’t expecting. But it’s great that they also included the features for gamers. These features allow you to play games under low light with any lag and gaming performance is very smooth. If you love to play games like pubg or call of duty, then you will definitely love to play on this projector. It has a great operating system.

It uses LG webOS Lite which has lots of features, apps like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and it is basically a Smart Tv on a projector. It even has a builtin tv tuner. I also love its remote because it’s very easy to navigate by moving the remote here and there.The remote has also a microphone which helps in giving the commands to the projector like play the videos in the USB or play music. 

When it comes to audio, the projector has a builtin speaker which sounds good but it is great when you connect the project with a speaker or a sound bar. Another great feature is the bluetooth. Yes it has a bluetooth connectivity and you can also connect your speakers through the bluetooth option if your speaker also has bluetooth. But it is better to use ports for connectivity.

This projector is amazing. You can buy it for $1799.99. If you want to save some of your money and want a similar experience, this projector is a great choice.


2. Optoma UHD51ALV

Compatible light-assisted voice recognition projector

4K UHD, 3,000 light lumens and RGBWRGBW color wheel

  •  HDR10 support for bright whites, deep black levels and vibrant colors
  • 4K video playback with USB included media player
  • Dynamic Black delivers 500,000: 1 comparisons of contrasting black levels
  • HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 connectivity ensure compatibility with 4K UHD video sources 
  • Replacement of vertical lens and zoom of 1.3x for easy installation

Enjoy lighting and control over voice commands with 4K UHD, 3,000 lumen Optoma UHD51ALV. Compatibility with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant devices enables easy integration into smart homes no matter what voice assistant chooses.

Use voice commands to enable power on and off, change the volume, change the input source and control the USB media player. In addition, the UHD51ALV uses the latest Texas Instruments ™ 4K UHD DLP chipset that can display up to 8 million unique pixels simultaneously on a 140-inch screen.

HDMI 2.0 color input with HDCP 2.2 support, HDR compatibility and wide gamut colors ensures device compatibility, a rich color that matches the contrast of multiple experiences. Good zoom at 1.3x and 15% lens rotation.

Alexa smart home and customization capabilities enable project management through Amazon Alexa. Supported control systems keep in mind the power of on / off, volume level, input determination, USB media player playback and image mode changes.

Google Voice Action Qualification provides project management with Google Assistant. Supported control functions include on / off power, volume level, input selection, USB media player play and more.

DLP (Digital Light) is a new related system from Texas Instruments that provides computer statistics with high complexity, fast response time, large pixel structure and in fact no error detection.

Show true 3D content from any 3D source, including 3D Blu-ray Disc players, 3D streaming and latest game consoles. Support for the 144Hz fast refresh rate provides free flicker-free images. Optoma 3D glasses are required.

This feature gives you more depth to your image by smoothly adjusting the light output to create a much higher contrast rating. Beautiful images are bright and vivid, while dark scenes often have details of deep light and several light and shadow details.

Using high-quality translation technology, advanced image processing eliminates moving blur or image judgment, or high-speed action sequences. PureMotion works in 2D and optimized for 1080p24.

This 4k projector costs $1999.99. If you want a very great colorful projector then this can be the option. 

3. VAVA 4K UHD Laser

COVER Laser TV LT002 ​​looks like the most expensive projector of its kind to hit the market so far. At an MSRP of only $ 2799.99, it wants 2500 ANSI lumens, with prices lower than the better-known product names. It will stay a few inches away from a few inches below your screen. As with all Laser TVs, it will work best in rooms with dual light and paired with one of the screens designed for both UST (Laser TVs) processors, and ambient light refraction (ALR). Officially the VAVA Laser TV is the VAVA model of the LT002, though it’s not focused on that, rather it is a VAVA 4K UHD Laser TV.

In 2019 a number of Ultra Short Throw processors have been announced, including VAVA Laser TV, which started shipping in Q4, 2019. CES 2019 saw the first announcement of this Laser TV and announcements of competing advertisers from Optoma, Nebula, LG and more. Aside from the initial commitments made by Q2 2019 cargo manufacturers, they all enter Q4 in pairs, one being this VAVA

With two new models for distribution now, (November), that sets 2020 the first year of significant Laser TV sales in the US. The first of all these new products to be launched was LG (about twice the price, but it improved dramatically). It looks like VAVA has been fulfilling its crowdfunding orders, and recently started selling to the general public, via Amazon

The VAVA project is smart, using apps, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and many others. Like most new projectors, it uses the Android app. This VAVA Laser TV, supports standard Alexa assistants and Google assistants.

The background to this project is particularly interesting. Back at CES in January last year, there were two companies launching Laser TVs that were making their own subsidies. I like the idea that, of companies, where it makes sense, it costs a lot of development costs if there is too much interest. Of the two, Nebula and VAVA, VAVA is now a carrier. Nebula that makes the most of the cheapest projectors (and other things), seems to have lost the radar now.

This is the first VAVA project. VAVA itself is one of several products of Sun Valley Tek, a Chinese company that has worked for about 12 years, and now has 100 employees, with three “regional” offices to operate globally, including one in the US.

As the first employee to come out of the company, that may give you reason to think. We will look at the money for the sale, and take that into account in our recommendations.

Here’s a thought: VAVA had a great opportunity to get the picture right, their first time, thanks to this being a 4K UHD DLP projector. That’s because the Texas Tool not only manufactures DLP chips but provides manufacturers with a range of image height and light solutions, in fact creative building blocks. (For example the “Bright Color” found in most DLPs, comes from TI, but is stopped by the manufacturer, so that they work differently. The point is, they don’t have to design everything from scratch, and I expect TI provides much more support to their project developers.

I have released our special Vava Laser TV Award for Interest. The project is impressive, as a whole. It was forcibly purchased, but has one or two edges (including a shorter warranty than most). which we will enter into. There is nothing serious.

Also, VAVA can bloom. The price highlight is good, but there are some very expensive competitors, at least a few highlighted. As we like to say: “there is always something for sale.” However, everything was hard not to like this VAVA

Before we go into details, I wanted to talk about screens a bit. With the right screen, VAVA can treat the room with the best available light, as you can see in the other photos in this review. VAVA says it’s a project

4. BenQ TK800M

Enjoy your video games and multimedia content on the big screen with BenQ TK800M HDR XPR 4K UHD DLP Home Theater Projector. It uses XPR technology to infuse the UHD 4K solution to the screen with compatible content and incorporates HDR10 and HLG compatibility to produce a broader gamut.

It emits up to 3000 ANSI lumens of light and has a 10,000: 1 dynamic contrast ratio to help generate detail even in the dark areas of the image. The projector has a dual HDMI input for connecting your HD digital devices such as a gaming console, a Blu-ray player, or a cable / satellite box. Its 5W built-in speaker eliminates the need for external speakers when it’s not easy. The TK800M features an IR remote controller for easy addition.

XPR technology combines image processing with the ability of DMD mirrors to convert to a microsecond level to allow each mirror to design two pixels per frame, creating a UHD 4K image from a non-UHD chip.

The single-DMD design avoids the alignment issues sometimes found in 3-chip projectors, helping to produce improved image accuracy and color accuracy with reduced blur, shadow, and disturbance patterns.

The 7-element layout, the 4-group lens helps to allow greater penetration of light, and the cover of the lower dispersion lens reduces chromatic transmission for improved clarity.

TK800M reaches 96% of Rec. 709 color space for enhanced color specification of visible colors, and a refresh rate of 120 Hz helps to reduce the blur often associated with fast, on-screen objects.

This technology helps keep the projector’s color temperature under control, preventing the greens and red from changing into food-like color operations.

The HDR10 and HLG support for the Auto HDR Color Rendition content offers greater brightness and contrast contrast than standard range range (SDR) projects, with single-stage image processing. This also helps to balance the saturation and color level, preserving the detail in the dark areas of the image.

Football mode helps maintain skin tones such as health and green grass. Sport Picture Mode is designed to offer hazardous skin colors, warm wood tones, and vivid red with deep blue.

Noise Types for All Content

  • Wooden sound types are designed to modify audio features to bring advanced A / V experiences to just about any type of entertainment.
  • Football mode improved frequency and volume of voice from advertisers in open stadiums.
  • Sport Mode produces midnight frequency as well as announcements from advertisers and clear acoustic information on home stadiums.
  • Cinema mode is designed for focused bass performance and the most common presence of original cinema presence.
  • Music Mode helps produce the right balance of reproducing music and concerts.
  • Game Mode is designed to provide enhanced bass and crisp highs to feel the excitement of powerful gameplay.
  • User Mode allows EQ algorithms to be customized to your liking.

CineMaster Audio + 2 helps generate immersive A / V experiences by combining EQ algorithms with a standard range of deep bass and high bass. The aluminum driver complete with aluminum and compartment is designed to help produce clean words and sensitive details without distortion or sound. Neodymium heat-resistant magnets help reduce distortion.

The 0.47 “DMD helps keep the processor conservative contrasted with the significant chip planners.

Keystone resolution makes it easy to install well-aligned images in multiple locations. The vertical keystone function calculates the trapezoid effect of the right sq.

In terms of price the BenQ TK800 4K UHD Home Theater Projector costs $1299. Well if you want HDR resolution 3000 Lumens for lighting, accurate colours and more, then this projector can be the best option.

5. Sony VPL-VW295ES

New Sony VPL-VW295ES with shipping! It’s very expensive, of course, the founder of 4K home theater, with a list price of $ 4999.99. Replacing the old VW285ES, the VW295ES is now the only 4K native manufacturer available for less than $ 5000. – $ 5000 more!

Other basics: 1500 bullets were caused. This Sony came out with 3% shy of claims in its only light. But most of the processors – DLPs in particular have a really bad 3LCD light mode and some LCoS are much better in this regard. By comparison, two of the most prominent ways Sony offers an image in terms of color accuracy, etc.

Similar to the production of a 4K UHD projector can, in their best ways, but produce 30-50% less light than their applications. What I’m saying is that Sony doesn’t use a hidden color mode so they can only add 20-30- 40% more lumens! I’m certain they can, in the event that they need to. There is a built-in wireless network as well, and there is so much more when image processing is done.

As I’m sure you are suspicious, the VW295ES is much better than before. In many ways! One alternative is that it is IMAX certified (more on our special features page).

Not only is 4K sharp, as we’ve mentioned in many reviews. It’s great with HDR and it performs well, the ability to do a great job in the P3 color, and, of course, a lovely and capable set, including some good flexibility.

As for 4K sharpness, unless you sit near your screen (say 10 feet or less from 100 diagonals), you will have trouble telling 4K natives without various competent 4K manufacturers.

You may notice that this Sony project looks more natural, reducing it less so that there is less complexity in the 4K content shown by many others. The point is, the VW295ES, like its predecessor produces a good image for 4K content and lower quality.

If you’re a baby boomer – like me, then you probably already know that Sony has long been known for its famous picture quality. About 50 years ago, when the Sony Trinitron photo tube set the standard for TVs and professional monitors – we’re back to Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show! How did that happen to me? Many of the experts say that Trinitron is changing the US perceptions of Japanese consumer products from “cheap nutrition” to “high quality”! (That was before the big hurdles made by the Japanese car companies – anyone but I remember the original Datsuns?) But I’m confused. Let’s go back.

For the VW295ES, too, Tony introduces the display in bold color and image even “out of the box” – without adjustment. We will cover most of these points throughout this review. But first, a small family:

The VPL-VW295ES has a big brother, the VW695ES, which retails for $ 9999.99, a total of $ 5000 less than its predecessor and 20% brighter at 1800 lumens. The Gone is the VW385ES which was around $ 8000. The VW695ES, however, is a real step up from the old one. Perhaps the biggest difference is that the more expensive Sony has a vibrant vibrant black iris in those very dark scenes.

If you have a proper theater or cave of someone that can completely darken you, and the budget allows it, you should consider it. I won’t be able to get into any of the other tops of Sony, but Sony’s 4K providers are up to $ 60K, including traditional 3K laser processors.



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