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There are so many best routers options to choose from and it can be very hard to narrow down which one is the best routers for gaming. Under this section we will show you the top 5 best router to buy this year 2020 based on range, build quality and more. We will be taking products in every budget range, so whether you have less or high bucks, we will have an option for you. If you are interested in finding out which router is the best for gaming, stay tuned!

Best Routers For Gaming 2020 – Quick Ranking


Model No



NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500


TP-Link AC5400 (Archer C5400X)


Asus RT-AC86U NORDIC Wireless


NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S AC2600


Linksys Mesh AC2200

Best Routers For Gaming 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500

Best Gaming Router For PS4

NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500



Wireless, Wired


5 GHz



Number of Ports


Nighthawk XR500 Pro Gaming Wi-Fi for Netgear is designed for manufacturers who want to customize their experience and gain full control over their home network. The menu is powered by DumaOS of NetDumas in the UK and provides consumers with all the tools and analytics they need to reduce latency and keep their games running smoothly. With geofilting you can even edit the radio from your location to make sure you only connect with local servers and players.

The AC2600 router also offers high speed, good Wi-Fi coverage and detailed parental controls. For best gaming router under 300, this switch is the fantasy of a gamer, however everybody in your home will profit from the incredible equipment of Netgear. Available now in the UK for £ 240 and mid-April AU $ 449 in Australia.

The XR500 looks like a direct object of the “Warbots” show. Its wide, flat design is similar to others in the Nighthawk line, but this one has sharp angles around it. Myriad LED headlights on the front are bright and distracting, but you can turn off the back button to turn them off. The wall height option would be nice, but the router looks good, so exposing it to a shelf won’t be too much of a problem.

It has four four-band antennas, labeled Antenna 1 (two of them), Antenna 2 or Antenna 3. Make sure you attach each to the corresponding area on the router or you can access connection issues.

You will find two USB 3.0 ports that are easily available on the side for easy access. The back has four gigabit LAN ports, one WAN gigabit port, a DC power port, a reset button, a power button and a pre-configured switch to turn off status lights (excluding the power lamp) when offended. Top has a Wi-Fi switch on and off and a WPS button to connect new devices.

All in all, the XR500 looks cool enough to keep you open, and that will help with your Wi-Fi coverage. And after testing it, this router has a lot of speed no matter where you put it. More on that over time.

The XR500 has the same hardware features on the Netgear R7800 gaming console. The only major difference I see is that the XR500 has dual flash memory, which is very likely because it incorporates advanced gaming software from NetDuma.

Setting up was easy but no usable app

The Netgear XR500 was easy to set up with a web browser. After connecting the router to the modem and plugging it into the plug, I simply connected to the Netgear network and opened a browser window.

It checked my internet speed for efficiency and gave me a limited bandwidth. The number was underneath the maximum speed guaranteed by our web access supplier (ISP), yet Netgear exhorted me to go with what the switch needed.

Netgear also claims that, however, lowering your bandwidth undermining means that you will waste your existing speed and overestimating bandwidth will cause some of the features of the pro game to negatively affect your traffic. If you run into problems, you can always change the numbers manually or update the test from the menu to QoS and click the three bars to the left of the Anti-Bufferbloat panel.

I continued to set up by resetting the router password, adding security queries and updating network names. It was nice to have more security questions, which most routers don’t ask. You also have a smart connecting option to give both your 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands the same name and allow the router to choose the one that is right for your devices to connect to. This band orientation feature is a good idea if you are not very secure on the router. Some of the best software companies in India also use this router.

Finally, it automatically checked the firmware update and asked me if I wanted to install it. You should definitely do this, because many manufacturers are installing important security enhancements with firmware updates. This is the best gaming modem on our list.

2. TP-Link AC5400 (Archer C5400X)

Best Router For Multiple Devices




Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet


5 GHz



Number of Ports


On the off chance that game execution is the thing that you need, look no farther than TP-Link’s Archer C5400X ($ 399). One of the best Wi-Fi routers, the C5400X combines unique speed with the best range and peace of mind it can bring. Too much, it’s expensive and you can’t pinpoint the sensors, but this router monster is what true aspirants want.

Square, squat and dark flat, TP-Link’s AC5400 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Gaming Router (aka Archer C5400X) looks like there is no other router on the market. The 9.5 x 9.5 x 2.2 inch screen is among the major home appliances around, but there is more: snatching its eight red and black horns and the Archer C5400X growing to 11.2 x 11.2 x 7.6 inches – three times larger than the jet-black Netgear Nighthawk XR500 Pro Gaming Router.

On the downside, the ants cannot be changed or concentrated and everything runs the risk of looking like a cross between an exposed clip and a coat. However, its aggressive appearance will mean that gamers will want to show Archer C5400X rather than hide it.

The router should always be straight and not on its side like a bookshelf, but you can place it on the wall. The router has heated in more ways than one, beating a maximum temperature of 105 degrees.

Internally, the Archer C5400X is powered by a Broadcom BCM4366 Wi-Fi chip that combines MU-MIMO connectivity with multiple devices simultaneously with the floral transfer modified to make the best of the available assets. Its 1.8GHz quad-core processor has three integrated components, 1GB of RAM and 128MB of local storage and software.

It all adds up to streaming, capable of delivering 1Gbps over its 2.4GHz band, and 2.167Gbps over its two 5GHz channels. The router carries the AC5400 rating for output.

The Archer C5400X takes every opportunity to bring the highest performance to the players who fear him as aliens, the immediate emergence of civilization or car thieves inside the city. In addition to prioritizing computer bandwidth access, the Archer C5400X can connect dual Ethernet connections with high throughput and is best gaming router for xbox one. Its expanded features can extend far beyond other routers to fill large homes, and the Airtime Fairness system software allows all devices to have access to high-speed connectivity.

Although intended for gamers, the Archer C5400X could be an excellent home router with parental control

On the other hand, there is a lack of geoar filtering of the Nighthawk XR500 Pro Gaming Router that has with it double-sided 160MHz channels for both the XR500 and Linksys’ WRT32X. Bowman C5400X incorporates an inherent VPN server to interface secretly or spread your online tracks.

While aimed at gamers, the Archer C5400X could be an excellent home router, with parental controls to guide children clear the dark side of the web. The attacker’s heavy-duty security software includes Harmful Content to block known malicious sites, Intrusion Prevention System to prevent network attacks and infarrency of an uninfected device so anything that goes through does not harm other computers. This additional layer of protection cannot replace traditional malware programs and is only available on security routers such as Norton’s Core and F-Secure’s Sense.

The Archer C5400X is a blower, capable of delivering 1Gbps over its 2.4GHz band and 2.167Gbps over its two 5GHz channels.

The center of the router has a bright white TP-Link logo where everything works fine. It turns red when there is no web association.

At the back, the C5400X has a WAN input connection and gigabit ports — in one second low, double what most routers offer. There is also a button to turn off and reset the button.

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3. Asus RT-AC86U NORDIC Wireless

Cheap Gaming Router






2.4 + 5Ghz



Number of Ports


The ASUS RT-AC86U is one of the best gaming solutions with 2917 Wifi MBPS Speed why I am saying that it is one of the best gaming solutions because I have already tried it,  MU-MIMO technology, and powerful game-enhancing features including WTFast and Adaptive QoS game acceleration.

Whether you play online in a heated competition or broadcast a live event in 4K UHD, crowding and betting is not just an option. Nitro 1024-QAM Technology on the RT-AC86 delivers a high speed of Wifi with 2917 MBps, making sure that everyone will enjoy smooth streaming and low latency online gambling with your network.

Enjoy low latency gambling online with offline internet and home network performance!

Ping time and variability are important technological parameters that affect the response to online games, and their prices depend largely on the route game packages to and from their destination. Gamers Private Network (GPN) from WTFast automatically optimize router performance, selecting the bulk way of game packs, resulting in reduced download time and less packet loss with the RT-AC86U this is free utility speeds up to 1 selected the device at the time, so you will enjoy the result in multiplayer supported with social media games.

Increase your gaming bandwidth with Adaptive QoS (Service Quality), allowing you to easily set game packages and tasks. You can also allocate full dedicated bandwidth while playing under gamer solo mode, making the RT-AC86U an ideal combination of low latency playback in your home. It supports major consoles including PlayStation 3, PlayStation4, PS4 Pro, PlayStationVita, Wii U, 3DS and Xbox One.

give us all compatible devices it’s fully devoted WiFi connection so that devices can connect multiple simultaneously without slowing down the network.

In reality the RT-AC86 can associate various compatibles with MU-MIMO customers at high speed at that point, not at all like one standard MIMO client where singular gadgets need to sit tight for consecutive deliveries.

ASUS’s creative receiver design and fresh range boost technology, both the Wifi range and signal strength are really improved.  AiRadar also focuses on WiFi signals on your devices, making your WiFi faster, clearer, and powerful.

The advanced RT-AC86U 1.8 GHz core processor brings its compliance power to the next level.USB information move appreciates speeds more than 110 MB/s and download/transfer speeds (WAN-LAN establishment) up to 1600 Mbps. 

The RT-AC86U incorporates ASUS AiProtection, a high-grade arrange security framework fueled by Trend Micro Smart Home Network security system powered by Trend Micro Smart Home Network. With AiProtection, all connected devices are protected, even if they do not have the ability to kill their own viruses such as IoT machines.

AiProtection forestalls regular Internet-based assaults before it arrives at the system, and when a contaminated system is distinguished, AiProtection quickly squares it to keep it from sending any close to home data to the pernicious server.

Networks are only part of the equation when it comes to game performance. AiProtection is coordinated with RT-AC86U and is controlled by a switch, regardless of whether the gadget’s security programming is not turned  on to detect blocked games, for example, AiProtection still protects the network from attack and attack, gaining peace of mind

In your growing mobile-enabled life, managing your network with the app is more important than ever. The new ASUS Router system is built from the ground up – to be precise and durable, all without the need for a PC.

AiProtection is coordinated with RT-AC86U and is controlled by a switch, regardless of whether the gadget’s security programming 11AC MU-MIMO innovation for moving your information with high accelerates to 2900 Mbps

4. NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S AC2600









Number of Ports


If you live in a home connected with multiple wireless customers competing for bandwidth, it might be time to look for a Multi-User Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) router, which include the Netgear Nighthawk X4S Smart Wi-Fi Router (R7800), priced at $ 269, 99.The R7800 11ac model with MU-MIMO information gushing help, which implies it can send all the while and get data from multiple customers simultaneously without providing bandwidth (most routers can only operate one device at a time).

However, every patron should have a MU-MIMO-like minded community adapter to apply the technology.  The R7800’s ($ 250,00 at Amazon) USB file transfer performance did not mean anything in our tests, but it turned out to be MU-MIMO’s fast-paced performance yet and brought strong performance of 2.4GHz  That said, it could not have matched the overall performance of our high-end router, the Asus RT-AC88U Dual-Band Router ($ 240.77 on Amazon).

R7800 games similar design with Netgear Nighthawk X4 AC2350 Smart WiFi Router (R7500) ($ 199.00 in Amazon).The black, angular chassis weighs in at 1.ninety seven via way of means of 11.22 via way of means of 7. 26 inches (HWD) and contains four removable outer ants.In addition to MU-MIMO, the R7800 additionally helps 4X4 statistics transmission, because of this that it can transfer multiple data sources to each band to increase travel speed.

It uses a 7GHz dual-core processor processor and has a theoretical power of up to 2.53Gbps (800Mbps in the 2.4GHz band, and 1,733Mbps withinside the 5GHz band). The front of the R7800 consists of ten LED signs that provide you with the repute of 4 LAN ports and a WAN port, 2. 4GHz and 5GHz radio-band function, as well as USB and eSATA functionality. There is also a Wi-Fi protected set-up button (WPS) and a button that disables one or both radios.

Behind the router are four Gigabit LAN ports, a WAN (Internet) port, a button that activates / disables the LED indicators, a power button, and a reset button.The left aspect of the router holds  USB 3.0 ports, while the right side holds an eSATA port to connect to eSATA drives.The Netgear Genie Web-primarily based totally control console makes it clean to test simple and superior community settings.  

The home page shows Internet, Wireless, Guest Network, and parental control status at a glance. It also shows you how many peripheral devices are attached, as well as the ReadySHARE feature, which allows you to share and backup files using a connected USB drive.  Basic settings include Wireless, Internet, ReadySHARE, Service Quality (QoS), Parental Controls, and Guest Network settings.

In the Advanced Settings menu, you can enable site blocking, create network access schedules, view status and access logs, stop ports, and enable remote management. Here, you can also configure the router to act as a wireless bridge or wireless access point, and view Internet traffic statistics.

Most existing routers offer simple setup and configuration procedures, and the R7800 is no different. After connecting the router to the Internet and your PC, open the browser to automatically open the Netgear Genie management console (if it does not start, enter in the URL bar).  The genie will walk you through the necessary steps to get an Internet connection, by choosing to use DHCP or Static IP address and automatic or DNS address. Once connected, you can go to the Wireless Settings page to provide SSID names and security settings for each band.

To test the performance of MU-MIMO, I have used three identical Acer Aspire E15 laptops fitted with Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 adapters that do not use 802.11ac as my customers, an Intel Core i7-desktop server as my server, and and JPerf’s work through the process.

5. Linksys Mesh AC2200






5 GHz


Number of Ports


The Linksys AC2200 looks as if a widespread Wi-Fi router, and in lots of ways. It has external horns, multiple LAN ports, and a traditional form feature. However, it also contains Velop mesh technology that allows you to build a whole home Wi-Fi system using the Linksys Velop node. While used as a single unit, you can also roll it to any Velop location to get all the messaging benefits, including traffic, one network network SSID and password, and easy It works well, but it will not match the features and functionality you get with our Editors’ Choice

Maintaining easy Wi-Fi overall performance with recreation inputs, video streaming, and clever domestic gadgets is essential, however now that such a lot of people are working at home endlessly, you should consider important apps and different ways of communicating at work, especially video conferencing. That’s when covering the whole house becomes more than just getting good.

Most recent wireless routers can provide solid coverage for most medium-sized house rooms, but large homes and houses with large walls, many floors, metal and concrete installations, and other structural disturbances may require additional additions to bring Wi-Fi to the router inaccessible.

Range exters do a good job of filling in dead spots, but they usually only provide part of the bandwidth you get on your main router. Access points provide greater bandwidth than distance, but require wireless connection to a larger router. And both of these solutions often create a new SSID network that you have to go through as you move from one house to another.

If you are new to network performance, you may be concerned that all of the above will leave you sitting around surrounded by numerous router scripts and questioning decisions about your health. Fortunately, there is something better: consider installing a mesh Wi-Fi system instead.

Designed to cool your private home with wi-fi shafts, Wi-Fi structures are hybrid of all kinds, made with numerous verbal exchange devices. There is a chief router that connects without delay on your modem, and a sequence of satellite tv for pc modules, or locations, which you set up in the course of your house. They are all a part of the equal wi-fi network, and proportion the equal SSID and password. Unlike the range of extensions, which connect to a router with a 2.4GHz or 5GHz radio, most Wi-Fi satellites use mesh technology to communicate with one router and another.

Each node acts as a hip hop area for other nodes in the system.This facilitates faraway nodes from the router to supply a robust Wi-Fi sign as they communicate in other locations and do not rely on person-to-person communication with the router. Not all Wi-Fi structures use mesh networking, however; others use a radio band devoted to speaking with the router and every other. As with the machines, the dedicated band releases standard 2.4GHz and 5GHz standard band bands for customer use.Easy setup and App-primarily based totally Network Management

Setting up and retaining a conventional wi-fi community may be difficult, even in case you are tech-savvy. Wi-Fi applications, on the opposite hand, are designed for customers with very little technical information and may be mounted in minutes. They usually come with an easy-to-use mobile app that goes with the installation process with visual instructions that are easy to follow. The app tells you where to place each location to access the top and selects the best Wi-Fi channel and radio band for full accessibility functionality, so you can keep the wireless connection as you go indoors.

Wi-Fi mesh programs are smooth to expand (without the cutting-edge restrict with the wide variety of places you can Add) and manipulate the use of your smartphone, permitting you to disable Wi-Fi get right of entry to to positive gadgets with the press of a button and allow certain devices to prioritize network without login on a complex network console. 

Wi-Fi mesh structures additionally do now no longer seem like conventional settings with router and variety extender. Routers and nodes use an internal antenna and are probably designed to taste better so you can place them in an open space rather than on the chest or under a desk. (Don’t expect to get a lot of bright LED indicators — these programs are designed to match the look of your home.) They usually have at least one LAN to connect to devices such as TVs and gaming consoles, but USB communication is a rare feature right now.



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