The Best DSLR Camera 2020 – Buyer’s Guide Plus Review

DSLR cameras are powerful. The best DSLR Camera can shoot great photos and videos and they are in the market for a long time. The technology is more established which gives them the advantage to shoot quick, shoot great photos and great quality videos without any problem. When it comes to picking the best DSLR camera, it is not an easy task at all. Not everybody has the same needs.

Under this section, we will talk about the best DSLR camera this year 2020 based on quality, features, clarity, price range and a lot more. Whether you are looking for the best DSLR camera for a beginner   or a professional you can choose the perfect DSLR camera from our list very easily. 

 Best DSLR Cameras In 2020– Quick Ranking

Top 5 Best DSLR Cameras In 2020– Buyer’s Guide

1. Canon EOS-1D Mark 3

Canon took another big step in the digital SLR Technology. Life is full of unrepeated moments, but every time when you see the photos of great enjoyment and happiness of the past you feel very great and refreshed, so capture more with Canon EOS-1D Mark 3 and tell your visual story to the world. Canon EOS-1D Mark 3 has the same megapixel as what we had in its previous version Mart 2 but it’s sensor is completely changed and redesigned by Canon. You get many new things like it has 14-bit color depth, better details of the image as compared to its previous version, good dynamic range and also improved IOS performance, so you will capture a colorful image, capture a detailed image plus you will capture pictures from very far away. If you are an adventurer and love to capture the images of wild animals then you will definitely love this camera. Canon EOS-1D Mark 3 captures the images in high quality with a 20.1 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor combined with a new design low pass filter. If you are a wedding photographer and want to serve your customers a great quality with the great 20.1 megapixel then the Canon EOS-1D Mark 3 will be the best option for you. The camera features a new DIGIX processor that helps in capturing better images with an IOS speed between 100 to 81920 using deep learning technology. Of course, no one will capture from that much distance but yes it gives a better picture in low light and it is improved. It has a new auto focus system capable of tracking subjects head and face very accurately and it is also water resistant so you can take photos while swimming in the pool or you can take great photos of creatures living under the sea. The mark 3 has dual pixel CMOS autofocus for fast and accurate autofocus. Using high speed continuous video shooting capability, this camera is capable of 15 fps and 20 fps in live view with autofocus and after if you are tracking. Canon EOS-1D Mark 3 really has got many many great features which everyone will love and this is an obvious thing that people love features more than looks. We all know that this camera is too expensive but it also has a great plus point that you will not run out of space, so shoot as many pictures as you want. Another great advantage of having a Mark iii is that it has the ability to capture high speed burst photos. This camera is fast, free size and powerful without compromising quality and for taking outstanding photos.  In terms of price, it is very expensive. It costs $6499, you already know it’s very expensive but it has so many features in it that everyone will wish to have it.  Also visit: best camera offers at Couponzoffers

2. Nikon D850

Nikon’s D850 is the ultimate DSLR with amazing image quality, 4k video, lightning fast autofocus, and killer features. It really needs no introduction because this camera is unbelievable. I mean you are talking about a 41 megapixel back-illuminated sensor which increases the amount of light captured and improves low-light performance. It has got an amazing sensor and ergonomic body. It’s a perfect camera for pro photographers. So first of all let’s talk about the specifications.

This camera has got 45.7(46) megapixel Back-side Illuminated CMOS Sensor and its full frame, that is amazing. With a 46 megapixel camera sensor you will get 8k time lapse which is beyond impressive. Talking about resolution, this does 7fps without a battery grip and 9fps with a battery grip.

You get a very detailed image when you capture it with Nikon D850. This camera is not quite fast enough to super high speed like running cheetah and sports photography but it might fulfil the need of 90% photographers with this speed because not everybody is interested in capturing the cheetah while running or capturing the sportsmen.

It does do 4k video at full frame readout but it does not do 4k at 60, and at this price range the Nikon should have added this. But it does 220fps, it’s full HD and it’s nice to see but it does not have any colour profiles. 

This camera really falls short when it comes to video and autofocus of this camera is terrible but focus of the camera is fantastic. It has a great low light and highlight performance and this camera does great at maintaining its solid image. You also get a great dynamic range because it has more data points and highlight recovery and shadow recovery is fantastic on this camera.

It has 14-bit colour depth and you can really do a lot with the images. This camera is a powerhouse and you will not be disappointed if you are a pro photographer.

When we talk about the body design this camera is leather covered and it is so well built. It is very easy to hold and it is very hand friendly. All the buttons are in the right place and it really feels fun to use it.

Next we will talk about the autofocus which is super duper impressive. It is super fast, super reliable and your photos are always sharp. But It can not take great photos in low light and the camera struggles to focus the object and it again has very bad autofocus when it comes to video.

From the above analisis we saw that this camera is very bad in video shooting and autofocus. Please don’t buy it if you want to shoot videos. But we also saw that this camera is great when you are capturing images. If you love to capture pictures than shooting videos then i will definitely recommend you to buy Nikon D850.

In terms of price, the Nikon D850 costs $2996.95 which is cheap as compared to Canon EOS 1-D Mark lll. 

3. Canon EOS 5D Mark iv

Canon 5D Mark iv! This is the camera when it came out in 2020, it gained terrible reviews but then this was adopted by many of the photographers and filmmakers. It is actually a very very interesting camera and you really need to get your hand on it to understand why, so let’s talk what this camera exactly does and what its specifications are.

  • 30.4 Megapixel Full Frame CMOS Sensor
  • 7fps continuous shooting and silent shutter mode
  • 4k 30fps video with 8.8 Megapixel still frame grab
  • Full 1080p HD 60fps, HD 720p mode at 120fps
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AutoFocus AF for responsive and smooth AF during video or Live View Shooting

Let’s get into the specification because you want to know but specification does not make this camera special at all. Canon 5D Mark iv has a 30 megapixel camera, CMOS sensor, full frame, its DIGIX 6 plus processor which gives a very solid image processing and very good low light performance. It’s clean upto 1600 ISO and a very good studio camera but what makes it special is not in the specs, it’s really in the design.

Let’s talk about design because the design of this camera makes it special. The camera is super well built, has a very good grip which everyone will love and has a leather coating all over the camera so you can really grip it in your hand.

It has the LCD screen right at the top. All the setting options are displayed on the screen and it lets the photographer capture super easily. In a high stress set, this can be really helpful and make capturing easy. The buttons are really well layed down and you can access any button on the camera. Everything on this camera is very well built by Canon and feels very smooth like butter. 

As compared to Sony which has way more megapixels, the majority of people will go with this camera because this will give you a much better experience. The other thing that makes this camera special is the Canon Colour Science. It gives the camera a very great colourful image and gives very great skin tone, rich colours and it gives a very classic filmy look. Canon colours are amazing and this is the reason why the majority of photographers love to shoot with this camera.

The place where this camera most stands out is the video so let’s talk about the video. The two things very special in this camera are supersampling and colour science.

When you do super sampling, you take a large 4k file and squeeze down it to 1080p  and you get few benefits from that. You get better colour performance, better noise performance, better details and a sharper image that looks richer and nice. So the 1080p out of it is very rich, gives a very good looking image and looks better than many 1080p images from competing cameras.

The second good thing it does is the colour science. Like i wrote before that you get very rich colours, very decent skin tones so when you add the color science you get the image that you can really twerk and it ends up with a very good cinematic look. At the end of the day, the video comes very super impressive. 

In terms of price, the Canon 5D Mark iv costs $1848 which is not so cheap but it’s not either too expensive.

4. Nikon D6


  • Clear Optical Viewfinder. Sharp And Stable View
  • All Cross Type 105-Point AF
  • 17 Custom Group-Area AF Patterns. Sharp Focus In More Diverse Scenes
  • 14 FPS With AF/AE Tracking
  • Native ISO Up To 102400 And Expeed 6
  • AF-S Nikkor 120-300mm f/2.8E FL ED SR VR. Sharp Telephoto Zoom Lense For Action
  • Incredible Range Of Nikkor F Lenses From 8mm To 800mm
  • Long Battery Life. 3580 Shots Per Charge
  • Real-World Ruggedness
  • Indispensable Support For Dedicated Professionals
  • Supports Kensington Lock For Theft Prevention
  • Simultaneous JPEG Plus JPEG Recording For Faster Image Transfer
  • Built-In GPS
  • 1000Base-T Wired LAN For Faster Communication
  • Built-In WIFI And Bluetooth

The Nikon D6 is a professional body, it is nearly instructable with a lightweight magnesium alloy body that you can just literally throw around. You can drop it and depend on it to continue to work. The D6 is both reliable and dependable. It can work every single time when you pick it up, that is the main point of this camera. They compromise in areas such as image quality, resolution and video capabilities. The D6 is fast and the autofocus is going to be the best as compared to any other Nikon DSLR entire cameras.

One of the most important specs is its fps. The D6 can shoot 14fps when using the Optical ViewFinder. When you are Live View, it can shoot simultaneously 10.5 fps. Nikon is not saying that they have upgraded their Live View system with the technology from their mirrorless cameras. If you focus a still object then it works fine but it struggles to focus on a moving object. There is the point where D6 does not work well. The focusing system will be frustrating and kind of unreliable. It looks exactly the same as the Nikon D5 in design. The body is very similar and nothing is changed.

The lockup setting gives you more options and the tracking of the D6 is another step forward compared to the D5. The option of slightly widening the single point focus has helped enormously, given a bit more grab area.

This camera is the best for filming. 14fps is extremely helpful in the world of sports photography just to capture the peak moment and JPEG image qualities, so you can get out a nearly perfect frame to the editor and that saves a lot of time. The less time is required for tweaking the image. The file straight from the camera is absolutely spot on and it’s everything we need it to be. It gives all the details in the image, nothing is blown out, nothing is oversharpened and yes this is the camera for photography .

In terms of filming, the Nikon D6 still continues with 4k/30p recording and we can say it’s a good 4k video camera. The Nikkor Lense is definitely the best in the market. It’s one of the reasons why you chose this brand. It is the best camera for beginners but in terms of price the beginners should always go with a cheap option to learn basics.

This is an expensive body and it costs $6496.95. It’s expensive but one thing I should tell you is that it’s not just a camera, it’s always a combination of lenses and camera. The Nikon gives you what you need.

5. Canon EOS 90D


  • 32.5 Megapixels APS-C Size CMOS Sensor.
  • DIGIC 8 Processor 
  • 10fps (Continuous Shooting During Viewfinder shooting AFFixed/Tracking)
  • 4k 30p/25p
  • Eye Detection AF (Servo AF)
  • All-Cross-Type 45-Points AF Sensor
  • Multi Controller

So the brand new Canon EOS 90D has 32.5 megapixel APS-C Size CMOS Sensor and it seems a big upgrade. Canon has the ability to film 4k video at 30fps.

It has a fantastic autofocus system for filming videos and is considered as one of the best cameras in the business. Canon 90D can also film a 120fps video which is very great for slow motion.

It has a DIGIC processor which is very advanced and good and it also has the updated version of 45 cross-type AF system. With that processor, it allows this camera to film 4k videos with no problem. It can also film videos at 1080p at 120fps. Canon is upgrading their cameras as we wanted them to do. Canon 90D works great in the low light and a little bit sharper as compared to its previous version Canon 80D.

The shooting of Canon 90D is very impressive and it records 4k video at 30fps. The photages look very sharp, nice and the colors look great. When you are filming 4k videos on the canon 90d, you can also enable 2 pixel AF which is also a huge deal.

Canon 90D has a great battery life because it features a canon LP-E6N battery. This battery allows you to shoot for hours without having to go back and charge it. It has a 3.5mm microphone jack and it also has a headphone jack.

The canon 90d feels great in the hand and it is very comfortable. You can hold this camera for hours of time without having any discomfort. The grip feels so good in the hand and you can easily go out and shoot all day.

The extra feature on 90d is that they added a joystick just like the mark iv have. With this joystick you can navigate much more easily. 

If you are looking for the best camera for beginners then it can be the best option. I mean the 4k video and its 1080p video at 120fps, it is really a very powerful camera and indeed we can call it a powerhouse. You can shoot cinematic videos pretty easily and it is almost very good enough to replace the Canon EOS R.

The canon 90d is truly an impressive camera. As far as the budget goes, it comes at $1149 and I think for this price this camera definitely stands out and is a good option to choose.


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