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There are so many speaker options to choose from and it can be very hard to narrow down which one is the best speakers for your need because there are too many speakers in the market these days. Under this section we will show you the best speakers to buy this year 2020 based on portability, sound quality, build quality and more. We will be taking products in every budget range, so whether you have less or high bucks, we will have an option for you. If you are interested in finding out which speaker is best for you and your family, stay tuned!

The Best Speakers 2020 – Quick Ranking

Best Speakers In 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

1. Vizio SB3621N-E8


So first of all, i will talk about the design of Vizio SB3621N-E8 sound bar starting from the side. It has a silver plate which is really a clean finish look in my opinion. It is mainly fabrik all around the sound bar, it definitely does not come off as a cheap look or anything and maintains a very high quality design and looks like a very premium sound bar.

Right in the middle, the sound bar has the power button, different modes, bluetooth connectivity and the volume controls. Overall it looks like a very sleek soundbar and looks really nice. As far as the sub buffer goes, it has a really clean finish silver plate as well and looks very sharp. At the bottom, it has a power plugin, the pairings and also the ON and OFF buttons.

On the side as well as the top, it’s black. And when we come to the back, again the buffer has a really clean finished silver plate and definitely looks very sharp with the “V” logo in the middle. Overall, it looks like a very high quality buffer. As far as the inputs on the back, it has the AUX cable up left and USB slot right below it. Then on the right we have the power button.

The remote has a little screen on the top which is really nice because for example if you want to switch inputs you can press the button and go from AUX to digital and all other options. The remote has more buttons on the remote for the couple of options.


Now let’s talk about the sound. So i spent time watching movies, listening to music and as well as playing video games. What I noticed was that it produces such a great quality sound. A lot of details in the mids and highs and it has a very high quality base, a little bit on the leaner side but that’s where the sub buffer kicks in. SB3621N-E8 does such a great job.

The base sound is really tight and organized. I would not say that it has too much base or very little base, it’s right there in the middle. When i was watching a movie, the vocal sound was so crisp and clear and i was able to hear everything so easily. As well as when I listen to music, I hear so many details in the music, and you might ever hear things you might not have heard before because again it produces such great clarity and it sounds really clean.

Now I will pick things I am not a huge fan of, but with this sound bar setup, it is really not much to complain about because for $120 you are getting such a high quality setup and it really sounds like a $250 sound bar because it produces great sound and is very enjoyable. I will say if you want to upgrade your tv speakers or you computer speakers and you want great sound spreading around the room and bringing your room to life then it is definitely an incredible option.

If you want to upgrade and you are not on a budget and you want a very wide surround sound especially if you have a very large or big room, then you might want to consider this sound bar. I do want to mention those who are gonna cost anywhere around $500 to $600 or even higher, this sound bar does a great job. When it comes to price and performance and for $120 you are getting a beast sound and really a high quality setup.

Sonos One (Gen 2) speaker is definitely beating all of its competitors because of sound quality and alot more functions in the price tag of $200. So why do i think the Sonos one is beating all of its competitors and will be a good product for you, let’s find out in the review


Starting with the build quality and design, I really enjoy how Sonos designed the speaker. In the surroundings it has a matte black colour and on the top, it’s made of high quality smooth plastic, which also gives us all the options for the controls. You can also get this in white if you like white colour. On the top, it has control buttons like volume up or volume down swiping left to right. In the middle is the NEXT button.

Of course at the bottom we have the power input in rubbery material which helps the speaker to put and place where ever you want to. Remember, Sonos is meant to be a wifi speaker. It has to be put in the work so it cannot be used as a portable speaker. I personally think it looks better than smart speakers because it has a higher quality look and feel.


I know you are thinking what smart features this speaker can handle. Well, the cool thing is that this speaker can be connected and be used with the Amazon Alexa and work with google Assistant. And it also works for turning lights ON and OFF, opening and closing garage doors, controlling your door locks, doing all small things like questioning and answering and showing you the weather.

This speaker destroys all  other speakers in terms of features. One thing I hate about this speaker is that it takes too long to set up with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You have to download multiple apps through many different screens on your mobile phone. But you don’t want to worry if you have an apple or an android device, because it is compatible for both. 


Now let’s get to the stage you are waiting for. The Sound quality. I want to start by saying that the sound of this speaker is incredible. Most smart speakers which I have tested don’t have the quality or loudness which I wanted to have but with the Sonos One Gen 2  I have incredible sound quality and it gets as loud as well. The vocals are clear and crisp.

The base is well balanced but at the top volumes we can’t lose crispness and the audio. So compared to the other smart speakers, this one definitely beats them in terms of sound quality. So why do I think the Sonos One Gen 2 is beating all of its competitors? Well it is! The speaker is just a pretty much regular speaker that sounds better than the rest at a very reasonable price tag. If you are looking for a high quality sound speaker, then i will definitely recommend you Sonos One Gen 2.


To start off, Yamaha updated the design by rounding up the corners and moving all the onboards controls and indicating lights on the top which i think makes some less distracting, otherwise the material seemed to be generally the same. Another thing you will notice is they decided to ditch the analog input on the Yamaha Yas-209. You still have the HDMI that is updated to HDCP 2.3 compliant, and on out with an audio turn channel, optical and bluetooth plus the new feature on YAS-209 is wifi.

It’s a good move since I can see way more people taking advantage of VAP VS having an Analog input plus with that added wifi you have the Amazon Alexa compatibility. However it is not compatible with google assistant, at least not now, that’s something to keep in mind. You already have other smart speakers through your home and if you are worried about privacy, there is a button on the top of the sound bar to turn off the built in microphone if you do choose that, but does not completely disable the service even if you have the mic turned off.

If you still want to use it, you can always press the Alexa button on the remote to get activated and speak in the remote. That’s where you will find out some other upgrades.

Features & Sound

In Yamaha YAS-209 remote you got movie, tv, music, sports and game buttons and then there is a stereo mode and above above you will see clear voice and 3D surrounds. The clear voice feature is one that comes in really handy. I personally find a lot of time on these 2.1 channel sound bars. The vocals kind of get buried a little. This feature makes them stand out more so it is easier to find out all the dialogues.

3D sound is implemented using DTS virtual X. This is gonna virtually add the object based effects to whatever you are watching and hearing. It’s definitely not the same as the regular DTX or surround sounds, but it does add some characters to whatever you are watching.

Now the sound on the Yamaha YAS-209 isn’t different from the previous model but don’t get me wrong. That’s a good thing. I thought that the Yamaha Yas-209 model sounds great for its price point and in terms of price it costs about $350. Otherwise the 209 has got a very similar driver setup. The only slight change made was in the wireless serve.

Another change made as compared to the previous model is that Yamaha YAS-209 has a builtin WIFI feature so that you can enjoy any music without any disturbance. All and all I think that Yamaha has done a very great job.


The Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 are the largest bookshelf speakers in this line. These are just under 15 inches tall, about 7.5 inches wide and about 10.5 inches deep. So they are very big bookshelf speakers. These speakers feature a one inch cloth speaker along with 6.5 inches woofer and a 2 inches port along in the front. It also has a frequency response from 44 HZ all the way to 35000 HZ and a sensitivity of 87 decibels.

A new silk-dome tweeter features a wide-roll surround and takes response up to 35,000 Hz for even more life like high frequencies. These speakers come with black ash colour and it’s body is really strong, really really solid. I do like it’s front because it has a sort of grey finish so it makes it stand out a little bit. But i hate one thing about Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 is they should have rounded edges and corners.

The other thing about the design is that they come with the removable grills so if you put the grills on to your speakers, no problem! You can do that. One more thing i hate about Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 is that they don’t come with the rubber feet. Rubber feet have many benefits like it protects the speakers from scratches below and it also plays its part when it accidentally falls down. Overall it looks very great and Elac has done a very great job.


I saw Jurassic park, Terminator 3 and a lot of movies. The sound of these speakers were very warm, and it has incredible amount of base in them, everything i heard was very clear and crisp.The majority of sound was coming through the center of the speakers, they have optimized sensitivity very well and impedance to minimize the power requirement from the AV receiver, maximizing dynamic impact from lower cost receivers.

I also  listened to music like Mozart – Eine kleine Nachtmusik and J.S. Bach – Toccata and Fugue in D minor and I was surprised by how much base I actually heard from these particular speakers. I didn’t expect anything like that. I even heard a little bit of low notes and it was pretty great. The reason I love these speakers is that they have so much clarity.

These are very good speakers and I am very impressed by them. These speakers are for those who want warm sound, base and also clarity. I will definitely consider them as the beast speakers. If we talk about the price tag, it costs about $350 for a pair.

This beautiful Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus was first introduced in April in 2017. And it is still getting popularity in the market. This speaker costs $300, is it value for money? Let’s uncover it.


In terms of build quality, the soundlink plus is very durable. The speaker is bump resistant, so you don’t have to worry if you drop it down. The soundlink is built from very soft material. At the top of the speaker it has the fabric flexible handle for portability so that you can carry it around very comfortably and feel steady.

The Soundlink Plus is dense but it is surprisingly smaller. This helps with portability, because you can pack it in any bag and it will not take too much room. In terms of design aspect, the soundlink looks modern, absolutely stylish and very high quality. The grill of the speaker is made up of smooth aluminium, and almost rest is made up of rubber.

At the top of the speaker, Bose included six buttons which are rubbery like material. The buttons include power button, bluetooth button, volume up and down button, multifunction button and the mode button. By pressing the multifunction button you can easily access Siri or Google Assistant


The Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus has got IPX4 Certification which means its water resistant to splashes of water from any direction. Unfortunately, the speaker is not fully water resistant and it cannot be submerged fully in the water. But if you are outside, this speaker can definitely handle some rain drops. Soundlink comes with a LED battery indicator where green light means the battery is between 70-100%, yellow light means the battery is between 20-70% and red light means the battery is below 20%.

Now Bose claims that the battery of these speakers is 16 hours, and in my opinion, that battery life is extremely incredible when you are hanging out and you are listening to some music. Another best function is that you can charge this speaker wirelessly. 


The sound quality of the Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus is quite good. It has a deep, clear and loud sound and plays 360 audio so you will listen to the same amount of sound and with the same quality, no matter where you are sitting in the room. The mid range of this speaker itself is very clear and it does not have any poorness or problems in the audio.

High frequencies are also very good and loud so that you will get the balanced sound. It definitely works well and great in larger rooms you can connect two soundlink speakers both together to get an amazing surround sound.



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